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Reconditioned Wooden Pallets

Over 40,000 reconditioned wooden pallets in stock at any given time. We stock a wide variety of Standard sized (1200x1000mm) and Euro spec pallet types (1200x800mm)

Reconditioned Wooden Pallets

New Wooden Pallets

All our timber is from sustainable sources. New wooden pallets are available in both ISPM15 heat treated and untreated in various grades and sizes which includes bespoke pallets.

New Wooden Pallets

Packaging & Cases

Derryadd Pallets manufactures a wide range of packaging. From palletised boxes to potato or apple crates we cater for all. We offer both treated and untreated packaging & timber cases.

Wooden Packaging & Cases

Derryadd Pallets Ltd

Derryadd Pallets Ltd manufacture and deliver pallets throughout the UK and Ireland. We have built up a reputation over the past 30 years as one of Ireland's leading pallet & timber packaging manufacturers.

Derryadd Pallets focus on recycling as part of our core business.

We have established a reputation for quality, service, consistency & customer satisfaction all delivered at a fair price. We collect, sort, repair, grade and deliver over 40,000 pallets weekly throughout the UK & Ireland distributing them quickly and efficiently. Our passionate and dynamic management team ensure that all our customers are kept up to speed with all governmental & European changes in a constantly evolving industry.

We focus heavily on recycling as part of our core business aim. By recovering and re-using as much of as possible from unwanted used pallets & packaging we can manufacture ‘new from old’ pallets. It also allows us to economically and efficiently rework pallets to their original specification from reclaimed timbers. All surplus timbers are then chipped for biomass or animal bedding. Nothing gets sent to landfill effectively reducing our carbon footprint.

By providing this service we are not only helping protect our environment by effectively reducing the annual amount of new virgin timbers produced for new build pallets. We’re actually promoting a ‘reconditioned pallets first or new from old’ attitude which is saving companies as much as 50% in costs. We realise that this doesn’t suit every company but we are confident that we can cater for any company by offering various timber solutions.

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Derryadd Pallets Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Timber Products

We supply new and used pallets across an extensive and diverse client base from various industries including

  • Retail
  • Engineering
  • Building & Construction
  • Food Production
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical
  • Packing
  • Chemical Industry
  • Waste Recycling
  • Agriculture
  • Consumer Goods
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Drinks & Beverages Industry
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Manufacturing

Members of the NAPD & Palletlink

As members of the National Association of Pallet Distributors and Palletlink we assure you that we adhere to a strict code of conduct. Only companies that undertake to meet the high standards of the association are permitted to become members, The association provides members with technical advice on all matters relating to pallets, thus ensuring that you receive only the best possible service & quality products.

At Derryadd Pallets Ltd we pride ourselves on our ongoing commitment to provide businesses with the most cost effective solution to their individual pallet needs, whilst striving to achieve the optimum recycling

National Association of Pallet Distributors

Reconditioned Wooden Pallets Northern Ireland

Pallets are collected and delivered to our purpose built facility before being hand sorted and quality inspected by dedicated Pallet Operatives. They are then repaired if necessary using quality recovered materials before being graded to suits our customer’s individual requirements. Pallets that pass this process are made available for despatch.

Reconditioned Wooden Pallets